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What KS Ramarao Said about ‘I’ Film Producer?

What KS Ramarao Said about 'I' Film Producer?

KS Ramarao lamented “It is a pity that I am unable to release my Telugu film due to release of ‘I‘ which is a Tamil film. The producer (NV Prasad) who bought the rights of the Tamil film has created hurdles for my Telugu film”. For this Sankranthi festival all theaters were occupied by ‘Gopala Gopala‘ and Shankar’s ‘I’. Owing to non availability of theaters, many small budget films had to be postponed. One of the sufferers is senior filmmaker KS Ramarao who produced ‘Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju’.
As Shankar’s ‘I’ movie is the costliest movie of India irrespective of the regional barriers, have been being watched by Telugu audiences over the decades. Was Audience usually preferred to watch big budgeted movies during Sankranthi season? Anyways, KS Ramarao should know theis fact and there is a need to build more number of theaters in Telugu states for the screening of small budgets films.

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