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What happened to Drona?


Whatever has happened to the Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra starrer Drona ? The film seems to have just vanished from the media glare.The movie was a hot topic of discussion until recently.

Buzz was that, Aishwarya Rai wanted Sarkar Raj to release before Drona and hence the delay. Now, Sarkar Raj has released with its stars busy receiving accolades and Drona is still nowhere in the picture.

But sources say that Aishwarya has nothing to do with the release of Drona.

The mega budget film Drona completed its shooting in December last year. It is an effects-heavy film. There are more than 6000 special-effect shots in it and it consumes a lot of time. It’s a slow process. And so, the film is slated to release by October 2008.. The film is in post production right now.

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