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What Happened Between Sunny Leone and Celina Jaitley?

What Happened Between Sunny Leone and Celina Jaitley?

Just some days back, we had rumours and news reports that Sunny Leone and her husband were asked to vacate Celina Jaitley’s penthouse flat which they had take on rent, as she found that Sunny had damaged the property by making a few changes. Just when it was also reported that Sunny was now staying in a hotel as no one in Mumbai came forward to rent/sell their premises to her, she dismissed all the allegations and said that she was staying with Daniel in a different location since long back.

Now we hear that Celina had reportedly said that the rumours were indeed true, but Sunny had vacated after the lease ended after some legal intervention. Apparently, Sunny had let moss grow in the bathrooms and also damaged walls by drilling holes to insert CCTV’s.

It’s to be seen as to which of the versions is true, but though there might be some truth in it, most of the online reports seemed to have exaggerated this issue.

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