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What do the film celebs say on Twitter?

What do the film celebs say on Twitter?

Bollywood stars are quite active on the micro-social network site Twitter. Here are some of the tweets of the celebs:

Ram Gopal Varma : Its shocking to see a person with whom i have been inter acting with for over a year for research of Rc just lying there still and lifeless

Amitabh Bachchan : The Awards at our door step .. all the magazines ,channels, in hectic mode … this is the most challenging moment in their lives .!

Rahul Bose : Halfway decent performance. Avoided the ‘walk of shame’. Got a game off my opponent.

Lara Dutta : luv watching little kids going back 2 school after holidays!So much pouting & resistance!:-) & yet that big smile when they c the bst friend

Mahesh Bhatt : The world is in constant flux-it all changes all the time,mountains melt,universe collapse-all we have to do is learn to accept it.

Akshay Kumar : What a hectic time its been, with TMK releasin, Christmas, my wife’s birthday, new years…but as always the only free

Abhishek Bachchan : motto of the month- when in doubt, hit the gym!……just pray to god it doesn’t hit back. all that iron would kinds hurt!

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