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What’s brewing between Kunal Kohli and Amisha Patel?

What’s brewing between Kunal Kohli and Amisha Patel? The regular Bollywood watchers are abuzz about director Kunal Kohli and Amisha Patel’s growing proximity. This magic of pyaar between the two has even made the leading Lady of Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, Rani Mukerji insecure. She feels that Amisha’s role has turned into a full-fledged one from that of a cameo, because of her closeness to the director.

Rumours are rife that Amisha is having problems with her boyfriend Kannav Puri and Kunal has been lending his shoulder for her to cry on. In fact, the Bollywood sources insist that Kannav and Amisha have already split. Kunal is said to be taken in by Amisha’s soft nature and even fought with Aditya Chopra to get Amisha’s role extended in the film..

And he has made her look stunning in the film, unlike Rani, who’s looking uninspired. The effort and care that has gone into Amisha’s character is very obvious. Also, Kohli too has been telling everyone that Patel isn’t doing a cameo but has a proper role in the film. This has Rani up in arms. It is believed that Rani spoke to boyfriend Aditya Chopra and asked him not to allow Amisha to give interviews about the film. Rani wanted centers.

One has to wait and see which romantic pair takes the upper hand in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic…the director-Amisha or the producer-Rani?

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