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Watch Sainma Short film Online paying Rs10/-

Watch Sainma Short film Online paying Rs10/-

Sainma Short Film – Watch Here
To all people who love watching short films, This is a new concept introduced by ‘ The Short Film Industry ‘.
The first experiment  film ‘Sainma’ (25min). Pay Rs10/- through Airtel or Vodafone and enjoy watching the film online .
http://www.tsfi.tv/videos/info/Sainma .

In a small sleepy town, trouble is brewing. Our ordinary looking hero Ramu aided by his faithful sidekick Galeez, fail in their masteplan to elope with Ramu’s sweetheart Ramula ( for the third time). The uproar and societal pressure that follows thismidnight adventure makes way for a life changing decision.. will Ramu be able to fulfill his promise and claim his sweetheart’s hand in marriage? Will Ramu’s efforts manifest into his one true dream of making a film? How does he do it? And why? Welcome to a story of love, drama, a comedy of errors and of course, Sainma. A story set with the images, sights and sounds of rural Telangana.

Tharun Bhascker
Rahul Ramakrishna Madhulatha Reddy Krishna Chaithanya Joshi Srinivas Kaushik Prem Vishnu Oi John Kottoly Upendra Varma
Romance, Comedy
Written and Directed : Tharun Bhascker
Producer : Rohit Reddy
Executive Producer : Ranjith Kumar
DOP : Nagesh Banell
Music : Vivek Sagar
Sound Design : Sanjay Das and Varun Venugopal
Recorded and mixed at : Tapeloop Studios
First Assistant Director : Upendra Varma
Production Manager : Vijay Kumar
Locations Manager : Prem
Art Direction : Srinivas Kaushik and Vijay Varma
Stylist : Latha Naidu
Driver : Srinu

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