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Warner Bros. files lawsuit against Hindi film

Warner Bros. files lawsuit against Hindi filmIt has become a habit for Bollywood film-makers to unofficially copy Hollywood cinemas and make Hindi films. Most of the producers and directors say they are inspired by an English film, which is saying in other words the Hindi film is a copy.

Munish Puri of Mirchi Movies have produced a Hindi film titled Hari Puttar- A Comedy of Terrors which is scheduled for release on September 2. Warner Bros. has filed a lawsuit in Mumbai Court seeking an injunction against the release of this film since the title sounds too close to their Harry Potter series of films.

According to the producers, Hari Puttar has no resemblance to the Harry Potter wizard tales but deals with the story of an Indian boy left home alone who fights off burglars when his parents go away on vacation.
If it is true then Hari Puttar is a copy of Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin.

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