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Wanted Movie Audio Review

Wanted Movie Audio Review

Wanted Audio Review

Wantedstarring Gopichand, Deeksha Seth and directed by the debutant BVS Ravi is getting ready for release. Music is already released and caught up with the public. Chakri composed the music while Bhaskarabhatla wrote the lyrics. Aditya music released the album. Let us see how the songs fare.

Arakilo Pogaru – This song is sung by Ranjit. The song starts with novel words Arakilo Pogaru and is the solo song. The song is well written to elevate hero’s image. It tells us that the hero is a care a damn attitude and he lives by his own rules. Coinings like ‘Nadiche Santoshaanike care of address nenule’ are very novel and all in all each and every word talks about elevating the hero’s image. Bhaskarabhatla wrote the song well. Music is apt and suits the mood very well. Ranjith did a decent job.

Evo Picchi Veshaalu – This song is sung by Javed Ali. This song is a melodious love song that hero sings after seeing his love. This song is done very well in terms of lyrics. The music is subtle and adds to the mood. Javed Ali did very good job in bringing the mood and content to us. Coinings like Kantichooputho katthigaatu. Chinna navvutho chitti gunde ne bongaramlaa thippesaavu, Okkasaari ninnu choosinanduke kantipaapa janma dhanyame, praanavaayuve andhukondhi kottha aashane will work well with the people who love melodious songs. This is one of the good song not just in the album but also among the songs in the recent. If the song will emerge as the chartbuster depends on how the song is picturized.

Dhil mera Dhak Dhak – This is the fast paced song in the album. This song brings udit narayan back to telugu film music and smitha pairs with him. The song again has good praasas and coinings which makes the song a repeat listen. There are good beats in the music which gives good opportunity to do fast steps. Udit Narayan did a decent job and he saved so many words from getting disformed this time. Smitha did a very good job and gave variations at times.

Cheppanaa – This song is sung by Chakri and Kousalya and this is again a slow melodious song. The song starts with good guitar beat. Chakri who is an expert in singing slow melodious songs did a decent job. This song has lot of scope for beautiful picturization. Otherwise in terms of music and lyrics, this song is just OK and probably the weakest link in the entire album.

A for Angel
– This song is sung by Krishna Chaitanya and MM Srilekha. This song again bodes well thanks to the lyrics by Bhaskarabhatla. The song has experimentations like A for Angel, B for boy ni nenele…. Aaa eee uuuu and 12345678..So he tried to use English and telugu alphabets besides numbers to express the feelings and relationships. Coinings like nee 16 centimetre nadumuke sentry avuthaa are very novel. Music is fast paced and the song is sung well by both the singers. The guitar beats in the song are standing out. Chakri did very good job in orchestration and all in all this song makes us tap our feat.

Final Verdict – The album has a mix of melody and fast beat which is a perfect mix for a youthful love story. There are two songs that are purely based on melody and these songs can look well on screen if picturized well. The fast beat songs will surely enthuse the masses and boost the collections. This is definitely different music for Gopichand and very different from his earlier albums. It looks like Gopichand is moving from his hardcore mass image to the romantic hero image. We have to wait and watch to see how music will help the success of the movie.

by Brahma Mahesh

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