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Waiting For You Movie Review

Waiting For You Movie Review

Suneel Kumar Reddy who attracted B,C centers with Oka Romantic Crime Kadha on his debut is coming with Waiting For You. The film came with a tag line ‘Oka Pellikani Ammayi Prema Kadha’. Let us see what impact it created on movie lovers.

Paramesu tries to kill his brother faction leader Adi Seshu who comes out of jail after he was acquitted in Veerabhadram’s murder case. Parameshu is helped by his friend Narasimhulu (Shafi). Both plant a bomb at a cafe which was frequented by Adi Seshu. Adi Seshu gets injured and goes into coma. Deva (Ravi), Sana( Soni Charishta) as ambulance team members of KIMS hospital tries to save the injured in the blast.

Deva helps Swapna (Gayathri) who comes to hospital to see the wellbeing of her dad who was injured in the blast. Though Swapna loses her father, she gets closer go Deva. Swapna puts a condition to Deva to get married but when he do not heed to her she leaves Deva. Adi Seshu in the meantime comes out of Coma and tries to kill all including Deva. Why Adi Seshu is after Deva and did Deva and Swapna unite again and what is Swapna’s condition should be enjoyed on screen.

Artists Performances
Ravi,Gayatri,Soni charista’s performances are just ok. Only Shafi and LB.Sriram made some impact in the film. Others just went through the motions.

Those who watched the film felt that posters sent some message while something else was shown on screen. Probably director might have thought to spring a surprise on viewers. Except for the first ten minutes and some dialogues nothing worked out in the film. Neither the romantic track nor adult comedy made an impact. Sunil Kumar Reddy who donned story, screenplay, direction failed in all the departments. He was ok in dialuges. The film doesn’t have logic in its flow which makes one wonder what the director wants to say.

Technical Values
Praveen Immadi’s music along with background score is ok. Editing is not perfect but he was helpless as entire film lacked content.

Waiting for You will make movie lovers weep.

The Rating
1.5 out of 5

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