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Viswaroopam Banned In TN

Viswaroopam Banned In TN

Lokanayakudu Kamal Hasan who is waging single handed war against the system of prevailing in the country approached against 15 day ban in TN on his prestigious project Viswaroopam due for world wide release tomorrow.

TN Govt banned the film when muslim organisations opposed the film’s ban alleging potrayal of all muslims as terrorists. cornered Kamal approached Court condemning it as cultural terrorism and accusing others as politically motivated against him to draw mileage.

Court after hearing both sides decided to watch the film on 26th in TN and decide its future on 28th. However the film can be released across the world tomorrow in telugu and tamil. Fate of the film in TN would be decided on 28th of this month. Film stars Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jermiah.

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