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Visualize the New World of Baahubali

Visualize the New World of Baahubali

Bahubali’ the magnum opus by SS Rajamouli is nearing completion. As part of their promotion event at Comic Con in Mumbai the makers have released a new video – Visualizing the World of Baahubali.
Earlier it was reported that from ‘Baahubali’ team art director Sabu Cyril, Rana Daggubati and VFX Supervisor Srinivas Mohan will take part in Comic Con sultural event happening in Mumbai today.
‘Baahubali’ makes a splashing entry with costumes of the film at Comic Con Hyderabad. Now an exclusive never-seen-before new designer video of Baahubali movie [Visualising the World of Baahubali] will be presented for the panel discussion at comic Con.

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