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Vinayak Apologizes YRSCP MLA

Vinayak Apologizes YRSCP MLA

Ram Charan Teja’s latest “Naayak” movie is very good business so the producer has arranged a success tour which was started on Yesterday. The unit including Ramcharan and Vinayak went to places to convey their thanks to fans. In the meet Vinayak has clarified and openly apologized to YSRCP MLA Gandi Babji. The MLA had recently lodged a complaint on “Naayak” team for intentionally defaming him by naming the villain in the movie with his name.

Speaking in the success tour of “Naayak” in Vishakapatnam, Vinayak said, “I don’t have any intentions to insult any person with my films. In fact, while I am preparing the script of the film I am not even aware of the MLA and his name. I just kept the name only for rhythmic purpose. However, I apologize Gandi Babji for hurting his feelings and promise to remove the objectionable scenes from the movie soon.”

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