Vinayak Apologises To MLA Gandi Babji

Vinayak apologises to MLA Gandi Babji

Director VV.Vinayak during the success tour of Ram Charan Teja, Amala PaulKajal Agarwal‘s Naayak success tour, apologised to former MLA Gandi Babji as one of the villain’s name coincided with his name.

Right from the first show, Gandi Babji has been demanding change of name in the film and relented after getting assurances from Vinayak. However when the promises were not fulfilled he lodged a complaint on film makers and even alleged that Union Minister Chiranjeevi and state Minister Ganta are behind the whole episode to defame him politically,

However Vinayak called the MLA and updated him that it was unintentional and not his nature to hurt him. He once again promised to delete the scenes and dialogues from the film.

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