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Villain Loves Heroine Industry Hit’s Formula

Villain Loves Heroine Industry Hit’s Formula

The formula of hero loves heroine in a movie is common in practice. The formula of hero and heroine’s romance usually never gets changed even though the genres of the movie are changed from social format to mythological, historical and fantasies. But interestingly in the 82 years of Tollywood history it is noticed that if a villain loves the heroine of a particular movie, the movie gets an industry hit or a blockbuster status. Below are the best instances to prove this point right.
* PATHALABHAIRAVI: Nepala Mantrikudu( SVR) loves Indumathi( Malathi).
* POKIRI:  SI Pasupathi( Ashish Vidhyarthi) loves Shruthi( Ileana).
MAGADHEERA:  Ranadev Billa( Dev Gill) Mitravinda (Kajal Aggarwal).
Some more blockbusters such as ‘Balanagamma'(SVR loves Anjali) ‘Jagadekaveeruni Katha (Rajanala loves B Saroja), ‘Narthanashala (SVR loves Savithri), Okkadu(Prakash Raj loves Bhoomika) have been made with the same concept.
In ‘Bahubali‘, Bhallala Deva (Rana) loves Devasena (Anushka). Can we expect ‘Bahubali’ to become an industry hit? Let’s wait and watch.

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