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Villagelo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Villagelo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Villagelo Vinayakudu Movie Review

The Film

Village Lo Vinayakudu is a feel-very-good kind of cinema with well delineated characters and a simple story wonderfully narrated.

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

The Synopsis

Retired Army Colonel Laxmipathy (Rao Ramesh) a widower lives in Rajole along with the families of his sister and two brothers. The colonel has a daughter Kavya (Saranya Mohan) who is studying medicine. She is in love with Karthik (Krishnudu) who by choice remains as a kindergarten teacher. He has an obese personality but is very simple, nice, transparent and good at heart. Both Kavya and Karthik decide to marry, but Kavya wants her fathers approval.

Laxmipathi is a disciplined person and as head of the combined family maintains his dignity and is the only decision maker. His friend Puzzle Bhaskaram (Yandamuri Veerendranath) brings various proposals of marriage to Kavya and Laxmipathi rejects all of them as he is in search of a perfect husband for his daughter.

After completing her MBBS, Kavya returns to Rajole. She somehow wants to tell her father about her intention to marry Karthik. Because everyone knows about the consequences of offending the colonel, Kavya tells all the family members about Karthik and no one is willing to tell Laxmipathi.

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Then suddenly, Karthik arrives in the village and Laxmipathy allows him to stay in his house as a guest because Kavya introduces him as her friend. Laxmipathi understands that Kavya and Karthik are in love but he is unable to accept the fat boy as his son-in-law. Puzzle Bhaskaram and Laxmipathi try various tricks to drive away Karthik from the village but all their attempts boomerang on them.

Finally, Laxmipathi brings an Army Officer Bharath (Bharath Reddy) to his house as his choice of the prospective bridegroom for his daughter. Will Kavya marry Bharath? What will happen to Kartik who is nicknamed teddy bear? Will Kavya listen to her father or follow her conscience? These questions are answered in the rest of the narration which leads to a tranquil climax.

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

The Performances

Krishnudu once again comes out with a neat performance and he essays his role with ease and panache. Saranya Mohan is very convincing and credible in her role and she does particularly very well in scenes that have emotional conflicts and relational loyalties. Rao Ramesh is improving with each film and enacts his role of a macho retired army officer, disciplinarian and doting father with commensurate finesse. Yandamuri Veerendranath is OK in his role as a family friend. Bharath Reddy is good in his cameo. All others are adequate in their respective roles.

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

The Techniques

The story by Mahi is compact and cohesive while dialogues by : Mahi and Saikiran Adivi are crisp and meaningful. The screenplay and direction by Saikiran Adivi is commendable. Emotions, relationship tangles, romance and wit have been put in proper places with appropriate durations making the narration as smooth as silk. Rams captures the picturesque Konaseema with all its glory in his camera. Music by Manikant Khadri is pleasing. Editing and sound design are adequate.

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

The Verdict

Village Lo Vinayakudu is a youthful, meaningful, sensitive and sensible film beautifully narrated without the mainstream masaala of gusty fights and glitzy dances.

Village Lo Vinayakudu must be seen for its simplicity, perfectly etched characters and for that feel-very-good feeling.

The Cast and Crew

Krishnudu, Saranya Mohan, Rao Ramesh, Yendamuri Veerendra Nath, Bharath Reddy, Jogi Naidu etc

Story: Mahi

Dialogues: Mahi and Saikiran Adivi

Lyrics: Vanamaali

Music: Manikant Khadri

Cinematography: Rams

Producers: Mahi and Saikiran Adivi

Banner: Moon Water Pictures

Screenplay and direction: Saikiran Adivi

Release Date: November 05, 2009

The Rating

3.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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