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Vikram Will Be Seen in Promotional Video Of ‘AI’

Vikram Will Be Seen In Promotional Video Of ‘ai’

‘Ai’, Vikram and Shankar’s movie which will be releasing by the end of this year is getting ready to launch its first look very soon. Vikram will be seen as a power packed man in ‘Ai’ and he will be seen in a new look. This film is very crucial for Shankar’s career. It is a big budget film. A close source speaking about this sais, “ A beefed-up Vikram will be seen in the second half of the film. There are no graphics involved. To prove this point, the team has decided to showcase his hard work. So, they filmed every move of Vikram’s weight loss and gain programme. They are now planning to use these shots and release it in the form of a video in which Vikrma will be seen sweating it out in the gym. The video will also give details of his diet plan and his lifestyle during the period he worked out. This video, which will be released a month before the film hits screens, will be the main promotional strategy.”

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