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Vidya skips lunch to learn Malayalam dialogues

Vidya skips lunch to learn Malayalam dialogues

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan stunned everyone on the sets of director Santosh Sivan’s Malayalam venture “Urumi”, when she flawlessly delivered her Malayalam dialogues just minutes after learning them.

After performing a special song for “Urumi”, Vidya was offered an impromptu special guest appearance in the film where she was asked to learn a five-page Malayalam dialogue just minutes before the scene.

“Vidya’s guest appearance was a spot decision and she was handed the dialogues just over 10 minutes before the scene – she skipped lunch and sat to learn the lines and stunned everyone with her flawless dialogue delivery. She was so good in fact that she moved everyone on the sets,” said a source.

The filmmaker now wants to work on a full-fledged film with Vidya Balan. “Santoshji has often said that Vidya’s eyes can convey a thousand words – and after having her as guest in ‘Urumi’ he is kicked about doing his next film with her,” the source added.

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