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Vidya Balan poses in bikini?

Vidya Balan poses in bikini?

The social network sites are floating a picture ofVidya Balan in a two-piece black bikini posing on the cover of a well-known Men’s Magazine.

When Vidya came to know about this, she immediately denied that those were not her pictures, and that she was shocked at the circulation of the fake photo. Obviously, the picture was morphed and posted on the internet. She is planning to take legal action against those who are responsible for circulating her fake pictures.

Incidentally, a morphed picture of Sonakshi Sinha was similarly circulated on social network sites. She immediately posted on her blog that the picture was fake.

Vidya is now said to be considering to consult other film celebs and try to work out a legal process to put an end to this morphed picture menace on social networking sites.

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