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Veta Movie Review

Veta Movie Review

Jagan (Srikanth) gets arrested though he was innocent, since he played a key role in the rise of don Bhagyaraj, while at the sametime Kartik (Tarun) joins Bhagyaraj gang as Murali after coming to Hyderabad in search of job from Bangalore.Karthik gets closer to Bhagyaraj’s brothers and sister (Madhurima) though he is in love with his classmate (Jasmine). However when Karthik starts killing Bhagyaraj’s brothers, Bhagyaraj gets angry and at the sametime Jagan who gets released from jail tries helping Bhagyaraj only to know a shocking truth. To know more about it, one should watch Veta.


Srikanth did his role well, while Tarun tried his best to impress as lover boy and mass hero. Jasmine Bhasin is a big minus as heroine. Even Madhurima failed as she didnot get much scope to perform. Others did accordingly.


Director came with routine story and failed to generate interest among viewers with interesting twists and turns.Heroine failed miserably and director put up a flop show with his insipid direction, story,screenplay.He failed to extract the best output from entire cast and crew.




Story,screen play,direction




Technical department failed totally in the film. While Chakri’s music looked mediocre, editing is below average.Cinematography spoiled the film. Editing too left a lot to be desired while production values are just average.

Final Talk

Veta finds no success prey.

The Rating
1.75 out of 5

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