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Vennela 1 1/2 Movie Review

Vennela 1 1/2 Movie Review

The Film
Touted as the sequel to Deva Katta’s critically acclaimed film Vennela (2005), Vennela 1 ½ is not even 1/100th of the original in content or quality or entertainment. An apt title for Vennela Kishore’s directorial debut would have been The Abominable Amavasya.

The Synopsis

With practically no plot at all and a wafer thin storyline and all sorts of irrelevant characters making purposeless entry and inexplicable exit, you will suddenly realise that the debut director is more like the drunken mad monkey swinging aimlessly in an unfamiliar jungle.

The narration is in a flashback mode as told by Kadar (Kishore) to Thagubothu Ramesh. Kadar and Sunil (Madhu) arrive in Bangkok and stay in a rented apartment of Krishna Krishna aka KK (Chaitanya). KK, also known as Love Guru, is a Jodi Breaker. He has an odd job in Yuvak (Harish). Students Vennela (Monal Gajjar) and Sravan (Sravan) are in love and KK is on the job of breaking that romantic jodi. The rest is sheer madness without a method threatening to have no end at all. It’s a great relief when the end titles appear.

The Performances
As no character has been etched properly, all the actors who played their parts fail to impress including Brahmanandam, Raghu Babu, Master Bharat and Prithvi. Monal Gujjar looked glam with nothing much to do. Chaitanya and Sravan try to make the best of a bad script. The less said about Harish and others the better.

The Techniques
Vennela Kishore has made his mark as an actor and comedian. His directorial debut is an unimaginable disaster. He should learn the tricks of the trade before embarking on an occupation, that too that of the multi-tasking film direction. His directorial work is just like what happens when a former woodcutter and now an untrained barber trying to shave your beard!

The dialogues are abominable, the toilet humour is disgusting, the so called male bonding loathsome and then the unequivocally detestable skin scratching is simply unbearable. Men peeing facing the camera is nauseating. Thank God, the film is not in 3D!

The only innovation, the Live Interval is passable. But, with so much of screentime showing toilets and bathrooms, where is the need for you to go to them in the interval?

With nothing interesting on the screen and proceedings abounding in uncouth and distasteful humour, music, camera and other technical aspects have become irrelevant.

The Verdict
Vennela 1 ½ is just bullshit being passed on as precious cow dung. Avoid it like a plague.

The Cast and Crew
Chaitanya Krishna, Monal Gajjar, Vennela Kishore, Madhu, Harish, Brahmanandam, Thagubothu Ramesh, Raghu Babu, Sravan and others
Music Director: Sunil Kashyap
Producers: Vasu and Varma
Director: Vennela Kishore

The Rating
1 ½ out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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