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Vennela 1 ½ To Release In August

Vennela 1 ½ To Release In August

Vennela Kishore’s directorial debut Vennela 1 ½ was completed almost one year ago and the film was bought by Anil Sunkara of ATV Group. The film starring Chaitanya Krishna and Monal Gajjar in the lead roles is getting ready to release in August.

Vennela 1 ½ is a sequel to Deva Katta’s Vennela (2005) which starred Raja, Parvati Melton, Sharvanand and Ravi Varma and has been critically acclaimed. Kishore made his debut with this film and played the role of Khader and has been screen-named as Vennela Kishore. He went on to play comedy and supporting roles in about 20 films. He was awarded the Nandi Award for Best Male Comedian for the film Inkosaari (2009). He was a software engineer in USA before joining films.

Vennela Kishore wrote and directed Vennela 1 ½. Presently he is also making a film Jaffa starring Brahmanandam in the lead role.

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