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Venkatesh Wants To Do A Rajini

Venkatesh Wants To Do A Rajini

All heroes have their own dream roles after they have done many roles.But inspite of their best efforts various things have to be in place for all to happen. One such person who has a dream role fixed in his mind is Venkatesh. He wanted to play the kind of Rajinikanth‘s role in Chandramukhi. In this film Rajnikanth was a psychologist. It was a superhit thanks to Rajnikanth. When Venkatesh attempted the same with Nagavalli things did not work out correctly despite his serious and sincere effort. But now things are changing bit for him Drushyam being a surprise hit for him. Venkatesh still has hope and ambition in his mind to play a role like that of Rajnikanth in Chandramukhi. We can hope the best from him and he does bag his dream role soon.

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