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Venkatesh opts out of Kamal’s Marmayogi ?

Venkatesh opts out of Kamal’s Marmayogi?

Venkatesh opts out of Kamal’s Marmayogi?

According to the usually reliable Tollywood sources, Venkatesh has opted out of Kamal Hasan’s grandiose film venture Marmayogi.

The buzz is that date hassles have prompted Venkatesh to say a polite no to Kamal. It is said that initially Venkatesh agreed for a 30 days shoot. Then Kamal demanded 60 days and later 90 days. Venkatesh is said to have agreed even to give 90 days for Marmayogi.

When Kamal requested for 120 days bulk dates, Venkatesh is reported to have said sorry. The reason for Venkatesh was said to be that he had to grow a beard and keep it for 120 days as per the demand of his role in Marmayogi. Such a situation will not allow him to act in other films.

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