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Venkatesh completes 25 years in Tollywood

Venkatesh completes 25 years in Tollywood

Actor Venkatesh has completed 25 years as an actor in Telugu film industry. He was introduced in 1986 by K Raghavendra Rao in Kaliyuga Pandavulu. In fact, producer Rama Naidu wanted to make a film with super star Krishna but could not do it as Krishna was very busy and rejected Naidu’s film. Then Rama Naidu did it with his son as hero. In 100 days function, Krishna said that because of him Venkatesh became a hero.

Today is 25th anniversary in Tollywood. His first film got him Nandi award. His other Nandi award best actor films include Swarna Kamalam, Prema, Dharmachakram, Ganesh, Kalisundam Raa and Aaduvai Matalaku Ardale Verule. Interestingly most of the award winning films are produced by Suresh Productions. That’s Rama Naidu!

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