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Venkatadri Express Movie Review

Venkatadri Express Movie Review

Ram Murthy (Nagineedu) implements strict rule for his family and whoever makes 100 mistakes will be disowned by him. His second son Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan) is one mistake away from 100 and if he is not careful he will be thrownout by his father. He along with his family leaves to Tirupathi boarding Venkatadri express as his brother Brahmaji gets engaged and marriage to be performed in Tirupathi. But things take different turn with Sundeep and Prathanna (Rakul Preet Singh) who wish to put her offerings in Lord Balaji hundi misses the train. What happens next forms rest of the story.

Star Performance
Sundeep Kishan came with matured performance the film and gave good expressions in different situation. Rakul Preet Singh loog gorgeous and attracted attention with a hot song too. Right from Tagubotu Ramesh, Jai Prakash Reddy and others entertain but MS.Narayana’s role could have been handled better.

Director handled his team quite well. Ramana Gogula’s music is good and Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is good. Gautam Raju’s eiditing could have been better. Production values are good.

Merlapaka Gandhi on debut handled the film quite well but he failed in the second half. His treament and screen play went for a toss in the second half. His entire plot like catching a train in auto, bus is quite unconvincing. But he loaded the film with good comedy which makes the day for the movie lovers.

Plus Points
Tagubotu Ramesh


Minus Points

Thin storyline

Dragged scenes

Venkatadri Express is a onetime watch.

The Rating
3 out of 5

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