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Veggies Of Organic Farming For Sale in Chitrapuri Colony

Versatile actor Prakash Raj is known for overthrowing any artiste with his superb performance on the screen. Once Prakash Raj is on the screen, he dominates it without giving scope for any other artiste. Such was his performance and dedication towards the film. He is not only a good artiste but also a good farmer. Prakash Raj owns a piece of land near Mysore and he reaps vegetables in that land by practising organic farming which is claimed to be a healthy food. He had recently adopted a village named Kondareddipalle in Telangana state and is encouraging organic farming in that area as well. Of course, he could sell off those healthy vegetables in the open market and gain profits. But the kind hearted artiste has decided to look after the well-being of his co-artistes in the Telugu film industry. He launched a mobile store of his organic vegetables and started selling them at a cheaper rate. He launched the sale sat Chitrapuri Colony. Prakash Raj wants to give these vegetables cultivated in his farms to technicians and workers belonging to the Tollywood through his mobile stories. He launched one such mobile store in Chitrapuri colony to give away these vegetables.

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