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Veerudokkade Movie Review

Veerudokkade Movie Review

Story revolves around Ajith and his four brothers. Ajith is a simple and hard working business man in a village called Veeravaram. Ajith is like the godfather for the younger ones as they lose their parents during childhood itself. Ajith does not marry as he feels that if a girl enters his family, there would be problems between his brothers. Tamanna walks into the story after a while and Ajith’s brothers do every possible drama to get the duo closer to each other. When things seem to be going fine, Gautami’s family is targeted by Nagaraju. What happened next? Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points
Santhanam Comedy

Minus Points
First half
Dragged scenes
Music of the film is the biggest minus
Routine climax

The film will mostly be attractive for the mass crowd as the rawness of the film won’t appeal the cream crowd to a great extent. Siva stresses a lot more on the emotional factor and family relationships. The first half of the film attempts to keep the audience copped with Different Ajith (Village Look) and funny Santhanam. First half goes on with introduction of characters, comedy scenes and till interval one cannot come to know the plot of the film. With the interval bang with powerful railway fight, he sets the stage to the second half. One will be reminded of Souryam in some of his stunts. Overall film is a good treat for masses. Only drawbacks are songs in the film which fell flat.

Camera work by Vetri is quite good in the film. Production values are okay. Music is big minus point to the film. Stunt choreography is excellent. Back ground score music is good. Editing is best

Final Talk
‘Veerudokkade’ is a feast for all Ajith Fans and mostly attractive for the mass crowd.

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

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Veerudokkade Movie Photo Gallery

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