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Veera Movie Review

Veera Movie Review

Veera movie directed by Ramesh Varma has titled Ravi Teja as ‘Mass Maharaja’, let us go in detail whether this marquee brings reputation to Ravi Teja image.

Deva (Ravi Teja) gets appointed as a Security Officer to ACP Shyam (Shyam) whose family has threat from baddie (Rahul Dev). ACP Shyam’s sincerity towards his duty brings enmity with baddie (Rahul Dev). Deva saves ACP Shyam’s daughter from bad guys, but at the same time ACP Shyam comes to know about Deva(Ravi Teja) is not the one who is supposed to be his Security Officer, rest of the story tells you who is Deva and reveals character Veera and showcases relationship between ACP Shaym’s family and Veera.
Director Ramesh Varma has come up with pale age old story and screen play which is hard to digest. Massive fight sequences and forcible songs make audience uncomfortable to watch. Dialogues lack originality. There is no saving grace for this marquee to mention including Ravi Teja. You can’t find any entertainment quotient in Ravi Teja character, which in general is expected, except in few scenes with Brahmanandam.

Veera Movie Review

Music is not catchy and so background score. Editing has its loop holes and Photography doesn’t look new. Art work for Kabaddi playground setup in Sunflower farm is to be mentioned.
Tapsee(Aikkie) character is just for mere songs and has no importance. Kajal Agarwal (Chitti), though the character is important and part of the story, is not handled well. Comedy by Brahmanandam, Ali and others is not catchy and is pain to watch. You will be greeted by huge casting with no importance to their character.

Looks like movie targeted towards masses, but narration lacks grip. Ravi Teja has misjudged story line and he has to pay his image, this may happen occasionally as he is the only telugu actor who acts in 4 to5 films per year and encourages new talent.

Rating: 1 out of 5
Review by Chetanz ([email protected])
Watched in Prasads(Screen 3), Hyderabad.

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