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Varun Sandeash in Evaraina Epudaina

Varun Sandeash in Evaraina Eppudaina

Varun Sandeash in Evaraina Eppudaina

The prestigious South Indian film production house is making a film in Telugu after a long hiatus. This film is titled Evaraina Eppudaina and stars Varun Sandesh and Vimala Raman in the lead roles.

Marthand K Shankar is making his debut as director with this film. The director says that the title Evaraina Eppudaina has been chosen because it is very catchy and reflects the theme…. any one can fell in love any time… love doesn’t wait for muhurt.

AVM Saravanan says that this film is their 172nd production and they have plans to produce at least ten films in Telugu.

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