Varma with Puri Jaganath “The Business Man”

Varma with Puri Jaganath “The Business Man”

The idea is to make “The Business Man” into a trilingual that is in three languages Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Unlike in the done to death rustic style of conventional gangster flicks the shooting style of “THE BUSINESS MAN” will fall somewhere inbetween the slickness of “COMPANY” and the entertainment quotient of “WANTED”

The shooting will commence from October 2010 and the film will be released by April 2011.

It will be produced by me, starring Surya and will be directed by Puri Jagan, the original director of “WANTED” (Pokiri in Telugu)

The Concept

By the year 2010, the underworld as we knew it has become non-existent primarily due to the Dawood Ibrahim gang going legitimate in Pakistan, Chota Shakeel becoming completely inactive, Chota Rajan co-operating with the various government agencies, Arun Gawli becoming a politician and Abu Salem being put in jail.

The success of the Mumbai Police in wiping out the underworld has been so total and so complete that the Police Department even disbanded their encounter squad teams as they were of no further use.

These developments were carefully being studied and observed by an entrepreneur from the South.

He was like so many other innumerable entrepreneurs from all over the country who land up in Mumbai with dreams of reinventing business practices which have become outdated. But this particular entrepreneur’s business was that of CRIME.

He minutely studied and educated himself on both the shortcomings and achievements of every gangster that ever ruled Mumbai, ranging from Haji Mastan to Vardha Bhai to Karim Lala to Dawood Ibrahim to Chota Rajan and then landed up in Mumbai to become its biggest gangster ever.

He believed that there is no such thing as right and wrong and there is no such thing as good and bad.

He also believed that everyone in this world go through their lives in one way or the other only by making deals. Whether it’s between husbands and wives or between parents and children or between Godmen and devotees or between politicians and voters, life is nothing but about making deals. So as long as everyone is into some kind of business or the other, he decided that even crime should be treated and dealt with like any other BUSINESS.

Welcome to the new-age gangster.

“The Business Man”

– Guns don’t need agreements

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