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Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad Movie Review

Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad Movie Review

The Film

Vara Prasad & Potti Prasad ( VP & PP) is intended to be a comedy. The poster has a blurb – No Noise Only Comedy. Watching a good comedy film, there will be noise, when the audience repeatedly burst into laughter. But, while watching this film, there is no noise, because you sit glumly with a grim face, trying in vain searching for that elusive comedy.

Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad Movie Review

The Synopsis

The film opens in an orphanage, where two unintelligent kids inadvertently indulge in careless antics and get thrown out. While taking shelter at a temple, a little girl Hari Priya, gives them a treat as it is her birthday and promises to be friends.

After 16 years, the two kids are grown up into adults, Vara Prasad (Srinivas Avasarala) and Potti Prasad (Vijay Sai). They stay in a flat and work as school van driver and taxi driver respectively.. Potti Prasad happens to take a fare whose name is Hari Priya (Karina Shah) and he assumes her to be his childhood friend. Hari Priya meets KVP the villain and his vamp to hand over ransom in a brief case at a rendezvous in a mall.. Potti Prasad grabs the brief case thinking that Hari Priya has forgotten it.

Both Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad lose their jobs and they go to Kodaikanal to hand over the brief case to Hari Priya. Potti Prasad has also plans to express his love to Hari Priya. The villain KVP is after them They reach the place and find Hari Priya. But they also find that there are bundles of currency in the brief case and start spending the money. One mad incident leads to crazier events and the film reaches a no climax situation, when VP & PP find that their childhood friend Hari Priya is a different girl.

Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad Movie Review

The Performances

Srinivas Avasarala is a perfect misfit as a comic actor while Vijay Sai is a downright mis-castand and their attempts to make you laugh evoke only sympathy at their incapacity as comedians. Karina Shah and Priya Ahuja are just not so glamorous props devoid of any acting talents. All others go through erratic motions assuming that they are actually doing some comic antics.

The Techniques

Director Satya Varanasi has absolutely no idea of creating a comedy and makes desperate and pathetic attempts to make you laugh. Comedy cannot be created by mere fooling around with stupid characters.

Kumar Davuluri’s tasteless dialogues add to the misery of the viewers. The street slang connotation of the tag line VP & PP is outrageous.The randy sex jokes are mean and demeaning, while the laxative induced toilet humour is nauseating.

A situational comedy (sitcom ) or a slapstick comedy requires well etched characters, lively drama, wit and wisecracks. The story of this film is a macabre melodrama with no place for either irony, parody, banter-blunder based burlesque, satire or even humorous repartee.

The less said about the other technical departments, the better

Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad Movie Review

The Verdict

The promos of the film promise you a laugh-riot, but the film delivers a pall of gloom as almost demented characters play out cranky pranks. The film literally pleads with you, desperately begs you – please laugh, this is a comedy film!

But, forget about laughing, your face is already contorted in a wry grimace. An intended comedy film actually plays a cruel joke on the audience.

Now, you have the best opportunity to take revenge on a nagging spouse or a harassing boss. Give them free tickets for Vara Prasad and Potti Prasad.

The Cast and Crew

Srinivas Avasarala, Vijay Sai, Karina Shah, Priya Ahuja and others

Director: Satya Varanasi

Producer: Harsha Reddy

Music Director: Sai Karthik

The Rating

0.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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