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Vankay Fry Movie Review

Vankay Fry Movie Review

The Film

Vankaya Fry is a pathetic attempt to make the audience laugh with a stale story packed loosely with insipid incidents.

The Synopsis

Diwakar-Prabhakar-Sudhakar (Sumith Arora) joins Chopra Advertising agency and soon replaces Pooja (Anu Smruthi) as the creative head. The Ad agency is in doldrums trying in vain to do some business. DPS has grandfather stories to tell and eats like a famished refugee.

A gang, lead by Shaik Kalanjali kidnap Pooja and also DPS. They want ransom from Pooja’s father who refuses to pay. The gang obviously amateurish in crime keeps Pooja and DPS at a lonely bungalow in a forest and is at loss to find a way out for the kidnap affair. Brother-in-law of the kidnapper (MS Narayana) and Kaka (Brahmanandam) also land up making things worse. The rest of the story deals with DPS getting Pooja free from the kidnappers den.

The Performances

Sumith Arora tries his best to amuse with his strange diction and dialogue delivery ( which sounds akin to that of Sayaji Shinde) but fails. Anu Smruthi just go through the motions like a dimwit. Venumadhav, Brahmanandam and MS Narayana are wasted. All others are too unprofessional in their roles.

The Techniques

The story is just a hotchpotch of stray incidents knit together without any rhyme or reason. The toilet and overeating jokes are nauseating. Dialogues are dull and boring. Thankfully there are no songs and dances. Cinematography by G S Chakravarty is the redeeming feature. Technically the film is poorly made.

Vankay Fry Movie Review

The Verdict

The title Vankaya Fry has absolutely no connection with the story or the characters in it. The film is a total waste of precious resources. It is badly conceived and executed in much worse manner. Forget about this film, or else you get fried!

The Cast and Crew

Sumith Arora, Anu Smruthi, Brahmanandam, M S Narayana, Kadambari Kiran, Chitram Srinu, Jogi Naidu, Pilla Prasad and others

Banner: Eswar Cine Media

Producer: BCM Reddy

Director: Chandramouli

The Rating

0.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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