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Unknown Fact About Director-Actor Duo Of ‘Kill Dil’

Unknown fact about director-actor duo of ‘Kill Dil’

It is not known everyone that Ranveer Singh and director Shaad Ali share a very strong friendship.

At the age of 16 Ranveer Singh met Shaad Ali at a party. The two who were bonded very well over their passion toward Bollywood, grew into being thick friends after that.
Ranveer assisted Shaad Ali for more than a year on advertisement projects before he made his acting debut in
Bollywood. Shaad is like an older brother for Ranveer, and holds a very special place in the actor’s life. The two have a deep understanding and share a very dynamic equation.
It had always been Ranveer’s dream to work in Shaad’s direction. The actor’s dream come true with his upcoming release ‘Kill Dil’ which is been directed by Shaad.
At an event talking about the film Ranveer said, “Kill Dil is much more to me than just a film, Shaad Ali, who is like my elder brother has directed it. Since past 13-14 years I have dreamt of being the hero of a film, which will be directed by Shaad and produced by YRF and finally that dream has come true. It’s surreal and it’s an incredible feeling. ”
‘Kill Dil’ also features Govinda, Ali Zafar and Parineeti Chopra. The film is scheduled to release on November 14

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