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Ugli Aur Pagli – Review

Ugli aur pagli…99 slaps and 1 kiss - Review - A slap-stick comedyUgli Aur Pagli – Review

A slap-stick comedy

The Cast and Crew
Mallika Sherawat, Ranvir Shorey
Music : Anu Malik
Director : Sachin Khot
Producer : Pritish Nandy Communications

The Film
Ugly aur Pagli is an ugly unofficial copy of the Korean film My Sassy Girl, which makes the audience go crazy (pagli) after watching it.

The Synopsis
This is a story of weird characters Kabir ( Ranvir Shorey) and Kuhu (Mallika Sherawat) in bizarre circumstances. The boy is an engineering student and the girl a script writer.Kabir is overly submissive and Kuhu is always aggressive in a drunken stupor.

Kabir, who falls for Kuhu, is treated by the lady as if he is a nincompoop. She goes on tongue-lashing him and often hand-bashing him.

There is change in the end when the characters turn normal, but only after a series of incidents involving them.

Ugli aur pagli…99 slaps and 1 kiss - ReviewThe Performance
Ranvir Shorey gives a very convincing performance as a bumbling idiot and unreasonably docile to his girl friend. Looks like, Ranvir, along with Rahul bose, might take the mantle of comic hero from Govinda.

Mallika Sherawat excelled as a devilish character. Somehow, she looked natural as an aggressive shrew. She is good in a few scenes that required emotional expression.

Lack of a good script and screenplay makes the performances of Ranvir and Mallika pale into insignificance.

All other characters are adequate in their limited roles.

The Techniques
Sachin Khot on his debut as director disappoints. He seems to have forgotten that the basic purpose of a film is the audio-visual narration of an interesting story. The film is a hotch-potch quilt of queer episodes that fail to tell the audience what is happening and why.

The characterization is wafer thin and the conceptualization of the scenes is shoddy. Of cours, there are abnormal characters in our society, but making such characters alive on screen requires a certain ability and Ugli aur pagli…99 slaps and 1 kiss - Reviewsensibility on the part of the writer and director.

The film, which was intended to be a racy and raunchy comedy, ultimately makes the audience sad. Comedy has to be meaningful and not utterly meaningless. Stray incidents of crazy acts do not make people laugh. They even make you cry as Ugly aur Pagli has so convincingly proved.

Music is a sour point of the film. Camera work is good. The production values are good. Only the product is bad.

The Verdict
The hard core fans of Mallika Sherawat might prefer to go and watch the film. Does the title Ugly aur Pagli suggest who exactly are ugly or pagli? The makers or the viewers?

The film looks more like a costly obituary to the passing away of good comedy cinema.

1.5 out of 5
Deen Kumar

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