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Uday Chopra, Nargis Fakhri Unlocked on Net

Uday Chopra, Nargis Fakhri Unlocked on Net

Bollywood is abuzz with rumors about Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri rumors. It all started when it was reported that they dated together but Nargis was quick to deny. However many feel hard after watching their twitter comments.

Nargis took to Twitter, and posted: ” Where we remind ourselves what we are grateful for and what we love about ourselves! Five of each!” Uday was superfast in response tweeting: “@NargisFakhri, I’m grateful for – 1) Your beautiful smile 2) Your gorgeous face 3) Your amazing body 4) Your striking personality and 5) Your positivity.”.

To that, Nargis responded: “OH Lord you can do better than that! But thank you for being grateful for my physical attributes.”Uday responded back with love signals “My dear Nargis, why involve The Lord when we can amicably settle this between ourselves. I’d love to do better as long as you teach.”

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