Twitter War On ‘Murder 3’

Twitter War On 'Murder 3'

Film maker Mahesh Bhatt is engaged in an all out war with Kamal R Khan on twitter regarding his film ‘Murder 3‘. Mahesh did not take Kamal’s tweets stating Murder-3 was a flop.
Bhatt tweeted back saying ‘Woh hi andaz hai zalim ka zamane wala, dost hota nahin har hath mila ne wala. We will wait for the world opinion & accept it!’
Kamal who recently ruffled porn star Sunny Leone over rape comments, tried to cool tempers saying : ‘Bhai Jan I am very very sorry to say truth. Film can’t be flop or hit from my review. Allah Kare main galat hoon. Maafi kijiye.’.
But the war on twitter did not stop with this with Mahesh replying back saying Truth to say with intention to hurt is worse than a lie. Kamal shot back how could Bhatt get hurt by one tweet.

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