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Twinkle wary of Akshay-Katrina tango

Twinkle wary of Akshay-Katrina tango According to the Bollywood whisper-mall sources, Asia’s sexiest lady Katrina Kaif is having a secret tango with Akshay Kumar, of course without the knowledge of Salman Khan. But, Twinke Khanna, wife of Akshay Kumar, puts into practice her own protective measures.

Twinke Khanna made a sudden entry on the final day of the IIFA 2008 event. Sources say it was to check on her husband as Katrina and Akshay were performing a hot number together on the stage.

Twinkle clung to Akshay throughout and made sure he never left her side even for a few moments or even attend his calls. There were whispers that Katrina was trying to call up Akshaye frantically before the performance but Akshay didn’t pick up the phone.

As usual, Twinkle and Katrina pooh-pooh all this as another figment of fertile imagination by idle brains.

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