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Tuneega Tuneega Movie Review

Tuneega Tuneega Movie Review

The Film

Tuneega Tuneega is a teenage love story of fun, romance, misunderstandings, parental incursions, separation and final reconciliation. The film launches Sumanth Ashwin, son of producer MS Raju, as a hero.

The Synopsis

Poor Swamy (Prabhu) and rich Ravindra Babu (Naga Babu) are childhood friends. Nidhi (Ria Chakravarthi), daughter of Ravindra Babu, is in US for her studies. Karthik (Sumanth Ashwin), son of Rama Swamy, is an aspiring dancer.

When Nidhi comes to India on a vacation, Karthik meets her at a party and falls in love with her. Knowing who she is, Karthik doesn’t tell her about their childhood roots. They get closer. The family members of Ravindra Babu do not like Nidhi and Karthik getting any closer. They start putting spokes in the romance and create a feud between childhood friends Swamy and Ravindra Babu.

Rest of the story, with a great deal of predictability, tells you how Karthik and Nidhi come out of the obstacles.

The Performances

For a first-timer, Sumanth Ashwin acquits himself well. He has all the trimmings necessary for a commercial cinema hero, but will mellow if nurtured properly. Ria has immense talent. Naga Babu and Prabhu are convincing. Sayaji Shinde is good in his cameo. All others go through their motions.

The Techniques

MS Raju donned the role of director for this film after his disastrous Vaana venture and has again done a disservice to the job. Being a debut film of his son, he should not have risked wielding the megaphone. A part of the story somehow reminds you of Manasantha Nuvve and some other portions makes you recollect scenes from Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana.

The screenplay does not add energy to the narration. The pinch and punch are missing. The drama is stale. Dialogues are monotonous. Music is OK and songs are picturised well. Cinematography is the only saving grace. Production values are good.

The Verdict

Tuneega Tuneega somehow does not appeal in a wholesome manner. You get that deja vu feeling while watching the movie. A love story clicks when the audience empathise with the screen lovers. That is sadly missing here. Did MS Raju jeopardise the career of his son by directing this film? Pray, what is the connection between the title and the story?

Tuneega (dragonfly) is known to fly just a few feet above ground level; it can’t soar up to high levels. Unfortunately, Tuneega arrives after eega (housefly) took off like an eagle to the high skies.

The Cast and Crew

Sumanth Ashwin, Ria Chakravarthi, Naga Babu, Prabhu, Sayaji Shinde, Paruchuri Venkateswar Rao, Manisha Yadav, Vijay Chander, Vinod Kumar, Seetha, MS Narayana, AVS, Kasi Viswanath and others

Music Director: Karthik Raja
Cinematography: S Gopal Reddy
Producer: Maganti Ramji
Director : MS Raju

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review By Deen Kumar

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