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Tum Milo Toh Sahi Movie Review

Tum Milo Toh Sahi Movie Review

The Film
Tum Milo Toh Sahi is an attempt at portraying contemporary metro life but, director Kabir Sadanand is no Madhur Bhandarkar.
The Synopsis
There are three parallel stories in this film and all the three protagonists meet at Lucky Café managed by an enterprising Parsi lady, Dilshad Irani (Dimple Kapadia).

(1) Blue Bell.Rajagopal Subramaniam (Nana Patekar) lost his job and is a problem child at the age of a senior citizen.

(2) Amit Nagpal (Suniel Shetty), who lives in a lavish four-bedroom flat set up by his company Blue Bell, is forced to take possession of Lucky Café by any means. In the process, he has problems with his wife Ankita (Vidya Malvade) and his child.

Tum Milo Toh Sahi Movie Review

(3) Bikramjit (Rehan Khan) from Dehradun is the son of an army officer. He comes to Mumbai to pursue a degree in Mass Communication, and gets lost in the city’s wayward ways. Bikram falls in love with Shalini (Anjana Sukhani), a middle-class Maharashtrian girl who projects herself to be a rich, high-flying teen age girl.

Then there is a court scene leading to a subdued climax.

Tum Milo Toh Sahi Movie Review

The Performances

Without an author backed roles, all artistes pale in their performances. When you have too many characters, it is difficult to delineate every character. In stead of telling a story, this film crowds you with non-credible characters and construed situations that are unbelievable.

Only Dimple Kapadia, Nana Patekar, Sunil Shetty
and Vidya Malvade register in the mind with some sensible acting.

Tum Milo Toh Sahi Movie Review

The Techniques
Director Kabir Sadanand chews too much than he can swallow. Story telling is an art and coupled with technology becomes the cinema, the entertainer par excellence.

The extremely talented actor Kabir Sadanand has entertained the audience to the hilt in the popular Sony show `Family No. 1`. He catapulted to fame with the popular Star Plus show `Shagun`.

Perhaps, Kabir should confine himself to soap operas and not film making. Even his debut film “Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao” as director in 2004 starring Akshay Kapoor and Rashmi Nigam, Tanisha, Yash Tonk and Deepak Tijori did not jell with the audience.

The music, cinematography and sound design are good. Technically, the film makes a good presentation.

Tum Milo Toh Sahi Movie Review

The Verdict

Tum Milo Toh Sahi ko milna aur dekhna mushkil hai. It is a below average flick.

The Cast and Crew

Amit Behl, Anjana Sukhani, Dimple Kapadia, Mohnish Behl, Nana Patekar, Raghav Sachar,Rehan Khan,Shefali Chhaya, Sunil Shetty,Tanisha Mukherjee,Vidya Malvade,

Production Company(S) : Fourth Wall Productions

Producer : Nikhil Panchamiya

Director : Kabir Sadanand

Music Director :Sandesh Shandilya

The Rating

1.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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