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Trisha serious on media

Trisha serious on media

Trisha serious on media

Tollywood glamour doll Trisha Krishnan got angry with the rumours that spread about her fight with cricketer Hemang Badani. She said that, “I agree that I went to the star hotel in Chennai, but it is for having dinner with my close friends and not for a late night party. Some people in the media are intentionally creating rumours about me, as if I am their enemy. I never met the cricketer Hemang Badani till now. I was not on drink and there is no fight with anybody on that day. It is just a rumour. If, media doesn’t stop this kind of practices, I will go for a legal action against them who creates rumours about me.’

Though, she admits that she is in the hotel on that particular day, she is not ready to accept that she was on drink, which is not reliable at all. Trisha normally goes to star hotel when she wants to lift one or two bottles at a single stretch with her friends. She is a regular customer to some noted pubs in Chennai. They never reveal this type of activities of her to media, because she is a very valuable customer to them.

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