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Trade Pundits Predict Eega Will Break All Records

Trade Pundits Predict Eega Will Break All Records

SS Rajamouli has taken all of two years to complete the filmEega which is releasing tomorrow, July 6. All his films until now Student No 1, Simhadri, Sye, Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu, Yamadonga, Magadheera and Maryada Ramanna have been hit films. He proved with Maryada Ramanna that a film can become a hit with comedian Sunil playing the lead role. This film is now being remade in Hindi by Ajay Devgan as Son Of Sardar. And Vikramarkudu Hindi remakeRowdy Rathore has joined the 100-crore-club.

In 2010, Rajamouli has gone on record stating that he wanted to do a small film with second string stars with a housefly, a keetakam, as the hero. But as the film evolved it became a big budget film of Rs 34 crore with Rs 10 crore only for CG work. The film has a Tamil version Naan Ee and a Malayalam version Eecha which are also releasing tomorrow. According to sources, Eega has already made a table profit of Rs 12 crore.

Trade Pundits, some of whom had a sneak peek at Eega, say that the film is truly brilliant in concept and execution and predict that it will be a blockbuster and will break all records.

Interestingly, Rajamouli has already made public the story and plot of Eega. But everyone wants to see how Nani after death was born as a housefly with past life memories. If this point is established with reasonable credibility, then, as Ram Gopal Varma predicted, Eega will be the first Tollywood film to join the 100-crore-club.

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