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Ghazi Fever

Ghazi opened in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil with excellent talk and is creating sensation. Great India Films is proud to be part of this Epic.

Everyone who watched the movie is appreciating the honesty, hard work,technical values and saluting to the team at the end of the show. Critics are praising this as the recent times best movie.

Ghazi breaks the normal trend of formula movie and has taken the Indian Cinema to new levels. It is the India’s first under water war movie with high technical values.

Like the submarine that sails secretly under water, Ghazi fever is slowly catching up to the movie lovers and appreciations are pouring in from all parts of the world.
With crisp 2 hour duration and no dull moments Ghazi has a gripping screenplay. Ghazi reminds us all again about the courage and sacrifice of our soldiers who readily offer their lives for the safe and security of our citizens

A salute and tribute to the soldiers of S21. Take a bow.. Jai Hind

Go and enjoy the film on a big screen near you

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