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Is ETV in trouble?

Is ETV in trouble?The Telugu Media Mogul, Ramoji Rao, had an uninterrupted successful run in all his business enterprises thus far. Of course, he is a self made man and has a rags-to-riches history. But then, all success stories cannot go on an endless journey or so it seems.
Ramoji’s Margadarsi Finance came under the scrutiny of the statutory authorities. Once the tales of trouble started trickling down, Ramoji’s advisors and close aides started deserting his enterprises.
Now, it looks like that the malady is spreading to his family members also. According to knowledgeable sources, Suman, son of Ramoji Rao and MD of ETV, sent in his resignation to his Dad. The reason, it is reported, is that a very close confidante of Suman and the CEO of ETV, Prabhakar, had been given the marching orders by Ramoji. According to insiders, Suman bonds extremely well with Prabhakar, organizationally, emotionally and otherwise.
It is also reported that Suman made it very clear to his Dad and Boss, that he would never like his interference in his affairs. Every media mogul thinks that the world can be changed through the media to suit his/her interests. But then, children are children. No one can just wish away the generation gap.
Looks like Ramoji is ripe for a son-stroke!

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