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Tollywood drug scam becoming bigger

Tollywood drug scam becoming bigger

Tollywood producer KV Rao and his associate are said to have been detained two weeks ago and the police reportedly got scent of a wider net of drug racket operating in Bangaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai where prominent politicians and film producers are involved in drug trafficking.

In Hyderabad, producers Kamineneni Venkateswar Rao and another top producer are said to be involved along with Tollywood child actor turned hero, a prominent lead actor and his brother. A leading Hyderabad politician is also said to be part of the racket. KV Rao is reported to have made many trips to Dubai in the last few months.

The police are confident of making a few more arrests in this case. They are also investigating the origin of supply of drugs, the destinations the drugs reach and those who are investing in the illicit trade. Some Hyderabad pubs are said to be supplying drugs to committed customers.

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