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Tollywood actors tribute on Womens Day

Tollywood actors tribute on Womens Day

@Actor Siddharth:- Celebrating our reason for life and living, and the best reason to die for -WOMEN! Have a great day all you ladies. Love you.


happy womens day to all ma sisters…. Shine on….muaahhhh….


Heres wishin all d beautiful women who keep us men goin,d 1s who care less abt themselves only 2 take care of us,a hpy 100th Women’s Day☺

I don’t believe in Valentines day/Women’s day..I think that u need2 treat ur partner/woman like it was a Valentines day/Women’s day evryday!

BUT..since we r so occupied with our lives..I personally think we need that ONE day to keep everything aside n pamper them..

In short..”Women’s Day..Let it not be a REASON to look after ur lady..let it be an EXCUSE 2 show them how much u care”

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