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TN Appeal Against Viswaroopam Release

TN Appeal Against Viswaroopam Release

Everyone thought that Kamal Hasan’s Viswaroopam was got relief to release in chennai but the trouble is not yet. After a day-long court room drama that ended late at night, the Madras high court lifted the ban imposed on Kamal Haasan’s film Vishwaroopam, paving the way for its release in Tamil Nadu. But today the Tamil Nadu Govt led by CM Jayalalitha decided to challenge the HC order of lifting the stay. Now the case will be heard by the first bench of Madras HC at 10.30 AM today.
Kamal has been facing a series of problems since he got ready to release the multi-lingual thriller set in Afghanistan and the US. The subject of the movie is terrorism. Several Muslim organisations had sought a ban on the movie, which, they said, portrayed the community in a negative light. however let us hope that this issue ended Soon

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