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Three – movie review – more of style and less of content

Three - movie review - more of style and less of content

Three - movie review - more of style and less of content

The Cast and Crew

Cast: Rishi, Urvashi Sharma, Rajeev Kanakala, Harshavardhan, Shanti Chandra, Giri, and others


Three - movie review

Three - movie review

Dialogues: Harshavardhan
Music: Vijay Kurakula
Cinematography: K K Senthil Kumar, Bhaskar Shyamala
Editing: Tirupati Reddy
Lyrics: Vanamali
Art: Venkat Sannidhi
Fights: Ram – Lakshman
Banner: Raj (India) Entertainments
Story, screenplay and directed by: Shekkar Suri

The Film

Three is NOT a chilling crackerjack thriller. It merely masquerades as one. Moreover, the publicity is misleading and at variance with the substance of the story.

The Synopsis

Nisha (Urvashi Sharma) stays alone, away from her family, and is haunted by weird sounds and an unknown voice giving her threats of murder. She is chilled to her bones with terror. She seeks the help of her journalist neighbor Sriram (Rishi), who takes her to a psychiatrist (Harshavardhan). Though nothing abnormal with her brain and mind, She is still haunted.

Three - movie review

Three - movie review

Through the process of regressive hypnosis, Nisha remembers having gone to an island where she met one Shankar. She along with Sriram and the doctor go to the island, where she identifies Shankar, but the voice doesn’t match. Then she starts seeing the images of Rajeev (Rajeev Kanakala), who suddenly appears in person at the hotel where they are staying.

Nisha goes in vain to seek the help of police. She even requests Shankar to kill Rajeev. The story then takes an unexpected turn and concludes in a bizarre climax.

The Performance

Rajeev Kanakala has given a competent performance. Rishi looks pretty confident in his role. Urvashi
Sharma looks out of place in a role that demands convincing emoting ability. Harshavardhan is quite good.

Shanti Chandra presents a wooden face.

Three - movie review

Three - movie review

The Techniques

Shekkar Suri of Three appears to be different from the Sekhar Suri of A Film by Aravind. He opted for a stylistic structure and in the process sacrificed the vital narration of a story. Extreme close-ups, jump cuts and sound bangs don’t make thriller. The thrill in a suspense story lies in the unraveling of the mystery in a logical sequence.

Shekkar Suri should know that one swallow of A Film by Aravind will not make a Spielberg-ian summer. He should understand the 5Cs of Cinema: Conceptualisation, Characterisation, Cinematography, Communication and Clarity.

Three - movie review

Three - movie review

Shekkar Suri’s Three has only one C in the 5Cs.

The Verdict

All said and done, cinema is the director’s medium. What is the use of having all of style and none of substance?

When a director has clarity about what he wants to make, then the film communicates with the audience through the characters.

If out-put in any way reflects the state of in-puts, then Shekkar Suri’s mind might be a dump of utter confusion, just like his film Three which is simply confusion confounded.

Avoid this film at all costs. However, you can enthusiastically persuade your nagging boss, bitter rivals and arch enemies to go and see the film Three.

The Rating

1.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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