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They Must Return to Balayya Again

They Must Return to Balayya Again

14 Reels International is one of the biggest production houses of the film industry. It scored a mammoth profit of about 45-crore with the hit film ‘Legend’. There latest hit film with Mahesh Babu is biting dust at the Box Office. They must go back to Nandamuri to get another profit scoring hit.
After succeeding with ‘Dookudu’, they made another hit film in the form of ‘Legend’. But after their recent failure they need Balayya once again to fetch them money at the ticket window. An industry source says that the production house is very impressed with Balakrishna’s professional and disciplined working style as he made them to complete Legend within the time limit which helped them to save money. He also helped them save money post-release, so he is the best for them. We must wait if the production house realizes this and return to Adhinaykudu star or not.

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