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They are not Getting Married

They are not Getting Married

Anushka Sharma’s stay with Virat Kohli during the recent India vs England test series, in England was questioned by Team India’s manager. The controversy came into focus after the disappointing performance of the India cricket team and specially that of Virat in the test series. BCCI came up with the argument that it is a matter of time before the cricketer and the actress tie the knot so it was not a problem if they stayed together.
The team manager, Sunil Dev said that the girlfriend staying with cricketers is against Indian culture and said that it affects the performance of the cricketers too. Obviously the statement created much controversy.
Now Anushka appeared before the press and denied the wedding rumors. According to sources, a statement released by Anushka clearly says that the two are not planning to marry any time soon. She also asked media to refrain from asking personal questions about the matter.
Now when it is proved that the news about Anushka’s marriage is just rumor so, her fans must have to wait for some more time to see the couple move ahead in their relationship and give it an acceptable name by announcing their wedding or engagement. As for BCCI, this time, they will have to suffer the foot in mouth disease.\

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