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The Vatican bans shooting of Angels and Demons

The Vatican bans shooting of Angels and Demons The Vatican has slapped a ban on the filming of a prequel to The Da Vinci Code called Angels and Demons in any of its churches in Rome, calling the work an offence against God.

Angels and Demons, the latest book from Dan Brown to be turned into a film, includes major episodes that take place in the Vatican and two churches, Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria, in the Italian capital.

The flick sees Tom Hanks reprise his role as Harvard University Professor Robert Langdon. This time, however, he is on a mission to save the Vatican from being blown up by a canister of anti-matter. In fact, the Catholic Church is still angry over The Da Vinci Code, which suggested Jesus might have been secretly married to Mary Magdalene.

Meanwhile, the crew of Angels and Demons would now relocate to Caserta near Naples where the former Royal Palace will double up for the inside of the Vatican. The film is due to be released next May.

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